Contractor Certification

Constructing, altering and decommissioning wells, and installing well pumps are restricted activities in British Columbia. In most cases, persons performing these activities must be listed on the Register of Well Drillers or Register of Well Pump Installers. To become registered, you must hold a Certificate of Qualification (CoQ) issued by a recognized authority.

A CoQ for a well driller or well pump installer can be obtained through the BC Industry Training Authority (ITA). The ITA issues CoQs for three classes of well driller (Water Well DrillerGeotechnical/Environmental DrillerGeoexchange Driller) and for Well Pump Installers. The BCGWA and GeoExchange BC assist the ITA in vetting applications submitted by those wishing to challenge the ITA certification exams.

If you wish to challenge the ITA certification exam for your trade, you must demonstrate having at least 4,860 hours of applicable work experience. Applicants who challenge the exam must obtain a score of 70% to pass.

Exam Preparation Resources:

The BCGWA have compiled the following list of resources to help candidates prepare for the ITA exam:

Water Well Driller:

Geotechnical / Environmental Driller:

Well Pump Installer:

Geoexchange Driller:

Refer to GeoExchange BC for more information.