2016 Water Sustainability Act Information Sessions

Information Session on the New Groundwater Protection Regulation

This session, held in Parksville in October 2016, informed groundwater consultants, contractors, and potential licensees on new groundwater licensing requirements under the Water Sustainability Act.  It covered the overall framework for the granting of water rights (First-in-Time-First-in-Right or FITFIR) and the rights and responsibilities related to groundwater use.  Water license application requirements were reviewed, including key stipulations associated with a water license (appurtenancy, water use purpose, transfer, amendment, etc.).

An audio-visual recording of the Parksville Information Session can be accessed at:  https://vimeo.com/195835787

Information Session on Groundwater Licensing under the Water Sustainability Regulation

This session, held in Parksville in October 2016, familiarized well drillers, well pump installers, groundwater consultants, and some well owners with changes to the existing Ground Water Protection Regulation (GWPR). The types of wells that are regulated under the new GWPR, and the roles and responsibilities of contractors, consultants, and well owners were reviewed.  For well drillers and pump installers, these include registration and qualification requirements, and minimum standards for well construction, decommissioning, reporting and pump installations.  For well owners, these include provisions for contractor selection, and expectations regarding well operation, maintenance, and reporting.  Consultants were debriefed on their role in providing alternative well specifications, in the siting and design of recharge and injection wells, and in management of flowing artesian wells.

An audio-visual recording of the Parksville information session can be accessed at:  https://vimeo.com/195839656