Our Mission

To provide professional and technical leadership in the advancement of the groundwater industry and in the protection, promotion, and responsible development of groundwater resources.

To foster and promote education, standards, research and techniques that improve methods of well construction, materials, and service.

To encourage harmony and co-operation between members and government, and advance the mutual interest of those engaged in the groundwater industry for their own and public interest.

Our Directors


General Manager David Mercer(2018+)
Executive Secretary Deborah Lamont(2014+)
Administrative Assistant Kathie Lamont(2017+)

Executive Committee

President Morly Bishop(2019 - 2021)
Vice President Mark MacNeil(2019 - 2021)
Secretary Ron Nelson(2018-2020)
Treasurer Ward van Proosdij(2019 - 2021)
Past President Ryan Rhodes(2019 - 2021)

Regional and Industry Group Directors

Cariboo Region John Vlchek(2018-2020)
Kootenay Region Mike Bombardier(2018-2020)
Okanagan Region Marta Green (2019 - 2021)
Fraser Valley Region Jim Clark(2018-2020)
Vancouver Island Region Chris Garthwaite(2019 - 2021)
Water Well Drilling Contractors David Slade(2019 - 2021)
Geotechnical / Environmental Drilling Contractors Bill Tuytel(2018-2020)
Pump Suppliers & Installers Tim Martin(2018-2020)
Professional /Technical Members Chad Petersmeyer(2018-2020)
Industry Manufacturers and Suppliers Lloyd Ingram(2018-2020)
Geoexchange BC Liason Scott Stewart(2018-2020)
Director-at-Large Blaine Matuga(2018-2020)