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Watersheds, the WSA, and Water Woes

Each month I have the honour to represent the BC Groundwater Association at the Okanagan Basin Water Board’s Water Stewardship […]

Newsletter Issue: December 2016

Flowing Artesian Wells in BC – One Hydrogeologist’s Perspective

I spoke about the benefits of installing deep well seals in confined aquifer wells at this past year’s BCGWA convention. […]

Newsletter Issue: September 2016

BC Agriculture Water Calculator

The Water Sustainability Act brought groundwater licencing into force on February 29th, 2016. To assist agricultural users in determining how […]

Newsletter Issue: June 2016

New Groundwater Legislation Ensures BC’s Water Remains Healthy and Secure

In 2009, the Government of British Columbia embarked upon a process to modernize its water legislation. After more than four […]

Newsletter Issue: December 2015